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Syringe- Needle
"This Is The Second Must Have Tool You Need In Your Arsenal"

A Black Light Is The First

If you want success, If you want to have every advantage at your disposal, this tool should be added to your carpet treatment arsenal today.

And here's why...

Carpet Injector

The Carpet injector, (Syringe) is what you need to get to the areas where topical treatment isn’t enough. Having a carpet needle to inject the contaminated area beneath the carpet is the key!

  Carpet Injection Syringe-Needle

Other Reason Why You Need The Carpet Injector:

    In many cases, pet urine is in the backing and padding. Therefore, in the sub-flooring, you need a method or tool to get directly to it. The injector syringe needle is that tool.

    You'll be able to inject the concentrated power of Pet friendly for odors directly to the source.

Can I Just Flood It?

No! and here’s why...

Flooding it will waste the product. It also will spread the urine to areas that aren't contaminated. In a nutshell, that makes the problem worst!

Here's what I do in my business now!

I want to concentrate the power of Pet Friendly for Odors in the specific area of concern”! I want to let it destroy the Pet odor, then remove any remaining pet stains with Pet friendly for Stains. That's how I’m able to GUARANTEE results for my clients here in Naperville..

You can get both products here

    And You'll be able to do the same thing too!

    But if you want all of the tools and products, you can get them in The Ultimate Smart Saver Pak or The Trio. (if you have your own black light and syringe injection tool, all you'll need is The Trio.

    It has all three products: For Pet Odor, Pet Stains and Pet Waste Clean Up. Without the Carpet Injector Needle, you won’t be able to concentrate on the specific areas of concern.

    Choosing not to add the carpet injector to your arsenal will
    cause you to massively reduce your success!

    That's the reason why I recommend it

    One other thing I recommend is a Black Light. Ours is called The Revealer. It comes in the Ultimate Pak.

    It's the second most important tool in your arsenal. Once your Pet friendly Revealer Black Light has found the pet urine on your carpet, upholstery, drapery or mattress, now it's time to treat it with the syringe needle injector.

    You'll be able to kill the urine smell quickly and more effectively than just treating it from the top surface. That's why I recommend it!
    This tool is a MUST. For a measly $9.77, how can you go wrong? Complete your system and get your injector today! Get the carpet injector syringe needle Now!

    But if you want to save money, get the Black Light And Syringe Combo. it has both tools and you get the best of both worlds and save.

You Can Get Both Here

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Pet  Odor & Stain Removal Guarantee

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