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Take A Look At A Few Of Our Most Recent Success Stories

Success Story #377

"It’s a Miracle, and Here’s Why”
We’ve Got The Double Pak

It was hard to believe! I had tried many pet odor and pet stain products with little or no success. It was especially frustrating to spend good money, only to end up making the situation worse!

Then, I tried the Pet Friendly Trio package. (The truth is, I was skeptical.) But, I wanted to take you up on your offer and prove you were wrong.

My wife and I thought we’d be good candidates to prove to ourselves and to you that your pet odor & stain removal was a fraud. I was wrong and glad of it! (How many times do you hear a person say that?) Your pet odor and stain products really work!

They aren’t cheap, but I must admit that they’re worth every penny. Not only will I continue using them, but I would recommend them to all responsible-minded skeptics.

Your support was great too!
Robert & Rachael Hemleck - Chicago, IL


Gudgen Success Story #378

Read what this former Skeptic said about our stain removal products.

We purchased the Trio kit. Our dog wouldn’t let up, and unfortunately, we needed to do something, now that we were ready to sell our home.

We had a few stubborn pet stains that didn’t want to go away. Since Andre’s company is local, we hired them to see if they could get out the stains.

We had several areas that needed special attention. Within a few hours, we could see the stains disappear and most of them were gone after 3 hours. We are thrilled that they are gone.

Now that we have the Trio Pak we, will get the stains out as quickly as he did. We really like how easy it is to use.

We’re confident that we will get our asking price for our home.

No embarrassing stains or odor. I recommended them to my sister.

She’s used them and so should you!

- Tom Gudgen – Naperville, IL


  Success Story #379

We Got The Double Pak.  I was very pleased with the results of Pet Friendly for Stain Removal and Odor.

We have a new kitten that left several stains on my daughter's bedroom carpet and your product worked exceptionally on it.

I also had some old stains from other pets that Pet Friendly worked well on.

- P. Blackshear-Arlington TX


Success Story #380

We Got The Trio Pak. I had used many products prior to using Pet Friendly Stain Removal to little or no avail on pet urine stains.

Your product far surpassed my expectations

- Jim Jackson-Gainesville-Fl.


Success Story #381

On occasion things happen, here’s how one
of our clients says we handled it

We Got The Double PakWhen I received my order, the bottles had been damaged and were leaking.

When I informed André of this, he sent a replacement immediately. I was impressed with the courteous and promptness of his company.

Thank you.

- Stephanie Shackelford-Troy Al


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