pet odor & pet stain removal

Here’s What “Pet Friendly For Stains” Will Do For You!

It will completely Remove Pet Stains caused by Urine.
It was only built to Remove the stains and not the color in the fiber.
It Simple To Use. Find The Stain And Spray...And You're Done!

Pet Friendly For Stains was exclusively built for Cat & Dog Urine Stain removal!

Here's What It's Not...

It's not the "Multi Use" product that does tries to do everything.
It’s targeted to remove the most set in Dog & Cat Urine Stains quickly.
Best of all it will not end up discoloring the Pet Stain and disppointing you.

So In Closing...

Pet Friendly For Stains seeks out the source of the stain and destroys it.

Here Are Other Side Benefits You Get

Pet Friendly For Stains works in as little as 1-8 hours, to completely removal
your stain for good! But, if the stains have been treated you'll need multiple
treatments. But be patient, Pet Friendly will remove the urine stains dispite that.

Add Pet Freindly For Stains To Your Arenal Today!

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