pet odor & pet stain removal

Here’s What “Pet Friendly For Odors” Will Do For You!

It's Laser Focus To Seek Out The Bacterias That Causes The Smell
It Will Quickly Eliminate The Initial While It Goes To Work On Completely Removing The Odor.
It long lasting And Won't Just Cover The Odor With Perfume.
It Works Fast!
Here's What It's Not...

It's Not the "Multi Use" product that trys to do everything!
It only has one purpose to remove Pet Urine quickly!
Plus when Used Correctly It will not let you down.
(And the directions are simple)

So In Closing...

Pet Friendly For Odor Is targeted to remove foul Dog & Cat Urine
Odors quickly, and unlike my competitors products that try to
accomplish multiple tasks, only to end up masking the Pet odor.
You find my product works without any risk!

Here Are Other Side Benefits You Get

Even though it is exclusively designed to work for Pet Odor
(Urine), “Pet Friendly For Odors” will work on removing
odors from carpets, sofas, wood trim, cat or kitty litter boxes, kennel
odor clean up and any surface that is not harmed by liquids.

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