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Does Your Pet Urine Embarrasse You? "Don't Let It!"

Because, I'm going to show you the quickest, easiest and safest way to remove both your pet odor and pet stains for good!

First, selecting the right Pet urine removers is key.

Which one should you get?

That depends on your situation.  Most pet owner will contend with this question more often then not. Let’s look at why and which Pet urine remover you should get.

It goes without saying left unchecked it will be come a problem. Most Pet urine removers are multi use products, and therefore not specific to any one concern.

But with the selection of  a good pet urine remover it can be kept under control with little effort. The key is the tools.

 But which Pet Urine Remover...Should I choose?

There are many. Lets consider the two concerns when it comes to
Pet Urine.

First, there is the odor.

This comes from the break down of pet urine after it has been deposited, when your pet first releases urine it’s sterile.

But within a few short hours the Pet urine gets broken down
by bacteria.Then dries and crystalize. It is in that state Pet urine starts the odor process. The more deposits, the worst the Pet urine odor!

That's what you'll use Pet Friendly For Odor. It's included in the double pak. It's the most powerful pet odor remover on the market and it works fast! You see when you get to sample it at home.

Now lets talk about how to find it and...

What You'll Be Looking For...

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Black Light

Here are the 3 steps you'll need For Successful

For Odors...

find the urine with a black light. (ours is called The Revealer)

You want to mark the areas with masking tape or white chalk.

Then treat it with Pet Friendly For Odors. And with in 72 hours your odor is gone. (For multiple deposits, you may need to saturate again, that's why we recommend at least 1 gallon).

Secondly, lets talk about pet stains.

Now you have the visible yellow hue most people associate with
the smell, the truth be known, one or two deposit spreaded out won’t be much of a concern.

But when you get multiple deposits concentrated in the same
area, that’s when a Pet urine remover for stains will be
needed. Thus addressing the two issue you have to consider.

Now that you know the two products you'll need. By having the right tools you’ll have an upper hand over just having a store bought cleaner.

Pet Urine Removers can be keep this potential problem under control and even eliminated it, if you take the “necessary steps” to get the success you need.

You can order yours here

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I should mention....that if you don't have a black light or a syringe, you can get the free in The Ultimate Saver Pak. So you'll have every advantage. This will take care of the concerns you have now and later. It has everything you’ll need for Pet urine removal and cleaning self defends.

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