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From: Andre Delano
Pet Friendly Products

Hi, I am Andre DeLano. I have specialized in cleaning up pet odor contamination for 17 years.

It might smell, but it pays well... In my area, the average residential odor restoration costs $1,753.67
...but you won't have to pay that if you're smart

(Hear Andre talk on Pet Odor Removal)

Here's My Promise To You...

"I'm so confident they will work for you, that I'm going to send you a Free Sample Of my Super Cat Urine Remover To Try, "Before" You Make Any Decision To Keep Them, And because you ordered today, If It Doesn't Work Like I Said, Simply Send Me The Unopened Bottles And I Will Buy Them Back From And Send You A Full Refund! Plus, you'll get to keep the sampler
"You Risk Absolutely Nothing!"
x Andre DeLano
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In the past this would be a huge Challenge..That was until Now.

It's because of the development of one simple, but powerful kit that will help you maintain your pet urine concerns and no longer have to fear, when your pet has an accident.

Now let me introduce you to the kit professional odor specialist use and something usual, they even guarantee their services. Why because of this kit. So what is it called?


The Double Pak

pet odor and pet stain removers
Click below to read what each one will do for you
Pet Odor | Pet Stains

Lets talk about what happens...

Great! You're pet has just made it's *mark* on the carpet and now you're thinking," What could I possibly do to get this stain out of my carpet?

Urine stain removal in your carpet may be hard but with the kit above it will put you in ease. Not only does it remove your pet stains, but it also removes those nasty odor concerns as well.

Here are the 3 steps you'll need to remove
Pet Urine Stains.

You find the urine stains
(that should be simple)
You clean it with fresh water
(no cleaning agent)
You treat with Pet Friendly For Stains. With In 24hrs your Stains are gone!
But If You're Trying To Remove Pet Urine Odor Concerns,
Here Steps You Must Take...
You find the urine with a black light.(The Revealer).
You mark the areas with masking tape or white chalk.
Then treat it. with Pet Friendly For Odors. And With in 72 hours your odor is gone

Removing Pet Urine Stains Couldn’t
Get Any Easier

The Pet Stain Removal is our #1 product, And has one focus: Urine Stain Removal... that’s it. Not like some other products that try to do multiple task, only to end up discoloring your carpets.

Removing Pet Urine Stains, doesn’t have to be a challenge any more, because Pet Friendly for Stains is simple to use,  it’s fast acting and will get you results everytime.

But done take our word for it, we tested Pet Friendly for Stains and it worked.

You’ll be amazed! Because within 1-8 hours it made the urine stains disappeared. Even though we tried other products, it still worked.

It also includes Pet Friendly For Odor, which takes care of the most foul odor, it takes only 72 hours to remove your most set in odor.

One thing you should know, if you use some multiple use product, it may require multiple treatments but the good news is, it still works.

What Can It Remove?

Now you may also be wondering what does it get out. It gets out most protein based stains like...

button Vomit button Bile button Diarrhea button Plant Stains button Wine

And more.

Here's What One Client Had To Say...

Diana Walworth



Listen to...Diane Walworth
I Found The Perfect Pet Stain Remover!


It's The Best Pet Stain Removal Product I've Ever Used. "I spent hundreds in the past"
for stuff that didn't!

Unbelievable! I can't say enough about Pet Friendly For Stains & Odor. I have a white carpet and a dog that has a mind of it's own, I tried many differant products in the past, but none has worked like Pet Friendly. I had a few urine stains. So I couldn't wait to try the pet stain product.

I applied it, and checked on it after an hour. The stains were still there, so I went about doing my house work. As I got busy about four hours had passed, so when I went to take a look, ALL THE STAINS WERE GONE! I couldn't believe it.

I've had tried other products that say, that if you used something else on the carpet, their product may not work. I don't know about you, but that's exactly what I'd done.

But Pet Friendly For Stains worked quickly and easily. Needless to say. I'm thrilled!

Try it, they have the best guarantee on the net. (but don't plan on using it)

"I Tried Them Because They Work!
Plus, They Guaranteed Them!"

    I have cats, and if you own cats you know that they can be a challenge. I've just about everything they sell at the store. After spending hundreds of dollars over the years, I found SpeedyVac they said they could get out stains and was willing to guarantee it. Since know one else offer A GUARANTEE I gave them a try.

    After the cleaning the stain were gone and they offered me their Pet Freindly line, I got The Trio pak. The kit covered stain removal, Odor removal and a pet waste clean up product. I recommend Pet Friendly Products because they work. If you are a dog or cat owner like me try them and you'll see.

    Although i will admit they are not the cheapest products around,but because they work, they
    are worth every penny. Just think about all the money I could have saved if I knew about them sooner.

    Karen Watson-Il "Cat Lover of 4"


We have more rave reviews here.

o now does that sound convincing? Now let's sum up everything.

You get Pet Friendly for Stains that works in 1-8 hours, doesn't discolor your carpet, and gets out many protein stains. If you have any of the above stains this will be your weapon of choice.

Here’s What You Should Done Now

Trust your right own judgment and Try Pet Friendly For Stain!

Because I don’t want you to risk anything, I want you take my 30 day test drive. “before” making any decision to keep it.

You won’t need 30 days to see why others purchase
my pet stain remover kit over
and over again.

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 pet odor and pet stain removers

Yes Andre', I want to remove my Pet urine and Odor now! I understand I get two free samplers to try, before having to keep the gallons, I also understand that if it doesn't work I get to send it back and keep the free samplers, with that in mind, count me in. I'll get my gallon and...

Wondering what you'll see when you check out? It simple...

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No Andre' , I just want the free sample you mentioned. I don't want to save on the shipping, nor do I want to get the free sample with my order and save on the shipping, instead I'll just want the free sample. furthermore I will also get the free step by step instructions, and only pay $7.77 each for shipping and handling and that's it!

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