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From: Andre Delano
Pet Friendly Products

Hi, I am Andre DeLano. I have specialized in cleaning up pet odor contamination for 17 years.

It might smell, but it pays well... In my area, the average residential odor restoration costs $1,753.67
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Pet urine cleaners is of course something that most pet owner will have to contend with at one time or another, we all know that left unchecked it can (and will) be come a problem. 

Most Pet urine can be kept under control with little effort and the right cleaner, it you have some key tools available.

But Which Pet Urine Cleaner Should I Choose?

I recommend...

The Ultimate Smart Saver Pak System

There is only one simple reason I recommend this one. It Works!

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They were right! After trying the product, I was amazed at how easy it was to use. I sprayed it, and within a few hours, the odor was gone!

Then, I treated the leftover stains, and some of them disappeared almost instantly.

Now, I can have guests over WITHOUT fear of my house smelling and without embarrassing stains all over my carpets.

My only complaint is I wish they were alittle cheaper.
but after using them they were worth every penny.

I tried the Ultimate Smart Saver Pak. It took care of both my odor and stain problems quickly. What I like most are

(1) It is the easiest product I have ever used, and

(2) the guarantee they offer; if it doesn't work for me, I get to send them back! But I didn't have to, because they really Do work!

I recommended them to my sister and fellow my co-workers!"

Flori Reeso: Dog lover - New Jersey

There is more...


    Listen To My Latest Testismonial
    -Pam Muhr-North Barrington IL

If that isn't enough here are more rave reviews you can listen too.

If you still aren't convinced that this is right for you or you have questions? Check out my Faq page now!

Now back to what you're going to get...

his is the system that Pet urine specialist use to clean and remove pet urine odor and stains. I personally use this system in my business daily and guarantee results EVERYTIME. Plus it's easy, safe and simple to use.

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As for as other pet urine cleaners, there are many. Here's what you should consider, there are two concerns when it comes to Pet Urine Cleaners.

First, there is odor.

This comes from the break down of pet urine after it has been deposited, when your pet first releases urine it’s sterile. But within a few short hours the Pet urine gets broken down by bacteria.

But that's Not The Problem...

t dries and crystalize. It is in that state Pet urine starts to sink. The more deposits, the worst the Pet urine odor!

Secondly, you have the visible yellow hue most people associate with the smell, the truth be know, one or two deposit spreaded out won’t be much of a concern.

But when you get multiple deposits concentrated in the same area, that’s when the Pet urine cleaner will be needed.

Here's What you're looking for.

Click To Listen

Black Light

Now Here's the 3 steps you'll need For Successful

For Odors...

You find the urine with a black light.(The Revealer)

You mark the areas with masking tape or white chalk.

Then treat it. with Pet Friendly For Odors. And With in 72 hours your odor is gone. (For multiple deposits, you may need to saturate again, that's why we recommend at least 1 gallon)

But if you have Stains That's Even Easier...

You find the urine stains (that should be simple)

You clean it with fresh water (no cleaning agent)

You treat with Pet Friendly For Stains. With In 24hrs your Stains are gone!

Thus having two issue to deal with. That's why the I recommend

The Ultimate Smart Saver Pak System

You can get try it here

Choosing a pet urine cleaner doesn't have to be hard, you'll need to know these simple instructions to get results.
you need to have the right tools, the knowledge of what to do and you’ll have an upper hand.

The Ultimate kit will give you all the tools you'll need, including the simple instructions to get results quickly.

Pet Urine Cleaners can be keep this potential problem under control and even eliminated it, if you take the “necessary steps” to get the success you need.

If you have a concern now (or later) get the Ultimate Pet Odor & Pet Stain Kit and get everything you’ll need for complete Pet urine cleaning self defense.

Here’s What You Should Done Now

Trust your right own judgment and Try Pet Friendly Double Pak!

Because I don’t want you to risk anything, I want you take my 30 day test drive. “before” making any decision to keep it. Try them now and I'll even send you a free sample so you can test it first, then only after you've seen they work, keep them!

If not send the unopened gallons back and I send you a prompt refund.
You have nothing lose!

You won’t need 30 days to see why others purchase
my pet stain & odor remover kit over and over again.

Once you try them, you’ll see why Others Rave about their urine removal success. Once you do, I’m confident You’ll feel the same way too!

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