pet odor & pet stain removal
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All you need are Pet Friendly and a few simple tools. You will then be on your way to removing pet odors & pet stains for good.
It doesn’t get any easier than this.

First: Assess the area to be treated in order to determine if it is a single or multiple-layer concern.

Pet accidents can cause urine to soak through the carpet into the backing, carpet padding, and even into the underlying floor, creating a"multiple-layer" problem.

Your biggest challenge in getting the pet odor out is to remove the contamination from all of the affected layers.


Second: The Inspection.

Under normal lighting conditions, urine contamination may not be visible. By using an ultraviolet light like the Black Light revealer, you can identify the problem areas quickly.



Next: Determine The Degree Of Contamination.

Many deposits in “the same spot” means you will need to inject beneath the secondary backing (See above illustration.) Use the Injector or any large needle. You can get the product into the affected area.

Determine the degree of contamination by using a moisture probe and checking the PH.




Lastly: Apply Pet Friendly

Use a spray bottle or anything that will help you apply products to the area(s) of concern. Spray generous amounts of Pet Friendly Odor Remover on top of surface to neutralize and destroy the smell. 

Use the injector for subsurface problems. Let it dry for 24 hours.
If yellow urine stains exist afterward, use Pet Friendly Stain Removal to remove the stain.




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To accomplish everything mentioned above, the Ultimate Pak is what you want, it has all the tools and products you'll need
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