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"Cleaning cat urine is simple...If You Take These Easy Steps"

By following what I'll overline on this page, you'll know exactly what you'll need and how to easily get the results you want and I guarantee it.

From: Andre Delano
Pet Friendly Products

Hi, I am Andre DeLano. I have specialized in cleaning up pet odor contamination for 17 years.

It might smell, but it pays well... In my area, the average residential odor restoration costs $1,753.67

(Hear Andre talk on Pet Odor Removal)

etís assume there are no medical concerns with your cat. And your cat urinates where they are not supposed to

Here's some of common reasons this might be..

The litter box is too dirty and/or the litter box has a cover and keeps the smell in.

The litter box is in a non private area.

The cat is part of a multi-cat household and requires its own litter box.

Another common reason is the behavioral tendency to mark territory with urine. This is especially true of cats that have not been spayed or neutered.

The key to getting rid of the strong smell of cat urine is to completely get rid of the smell from the cat's perspective.

This is the product I use, Pet Friendly's Double Pak. A cat's nose is much more sensitive than a human nose. The Double Pak removes the urine salts which is the cause of the cat urine odor.

When we think we have cleaned the cat urine and removed the smell completely, the spot where the cat urinated might continue to smell.
This is a problem, since cats like to urinate where they have previously done so.

Don't Try Using Household Products

They will only set the urine farther into the fibers and possibly in the pad. There are many products available from pet stores that claim to get rid of cat urine smell. However, you want to ensure it has the right properties...

The best products contain hybid enzymes that neutralizes the smell.

Here's what professional cat odor removal specialists use. It is the simplest system on the market to clean cat urine for good, and we GUARANTEE results.

It's Called...The Double Pak


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Pet Odor | Pet Stains

Here's what you're going to be looking for...

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Black Light

Cleaning cat urine off of a floor is easy enough, but cleaning it off of carpeting requires a gentle technique. Don't scrub the carpet, as you will push the urine deeper into the carpet fibers.

When you use Pet Friendly For Odor, you won't have to scrub. All you do is simply apply it to the affected area and wait. That's it. But if there is excess urine on top of the surface, blot it gently.

Then, follow the simple directions on the bottle, and youíll see results. You can get the the double pak here.

Don't use Ammonia Based Products

To clean up cat urine, since ammonia smells similar to cat urine. All you will do is defeat your purpose.

Pet Friendly For Odor will not leave an ammoniated smell at all.
In fact it will remove the odor completely with a fresh smell left behind.
That's all you need for results.

This is why with the right cat urine product, cleaning is a cinch. Now what?

First, Here's What These Former Cat Urine Skeptics
Had To Say...

"I Tried Them Because They Work!"

"I never dreamed I could get my house back..."

They were right! After trying the product, I was amazed at how easy it was to use. I sprayed it, and within a few hours, the odor was gone!

Then, I treated the leftover stains, and some of them disappeared almost instantly.

Now, I can have guests over WITHOUT fear of my house smelling and without embarrassing stains all over my carpets.

My only complaint is I wish they were alittle cheaper.
but after using them they were worth every penny.

I tried the Ultimate Smart Saver Pak. It took care of both my odor and stain problems quickly. What I like most are

(1) It is the easiest product I have ever used, and

(2) the guarantee they offer; if it doesn't work for me, I get to send them back! But I didn't have to, because they really Do work!

I recommended them to my sister and fellow my co-workers!"

Flori Reeso: Dog lover - New Jersey

Mike Watts

Listen to...Mike Watts:
I tried it and it worked both times.
Even after trying a different, less
expensive product, I came back,
because it didn't work!

"You want to bookmark this site after you've seen the power of it and how quickly it destroys odors!"

Read the full story...

Imagine finding a product that works EVERYTIME!

Then, losing the website and trying another less expensive product--only to end up disappointed and desperate!

That's what happened to me.

I found Pet Friendly For Odors. Compared to other products, it seemed a bit expensive.

But when I got it home and tried it, Wow! did it work! And that made it worth every penny. This was about two years ago.

I finally ran out, and to my dismay, I remembered the website. So, I went to the net and found a similar type of product.

It didn't work! Even though it claimed to do the same thing. It was simply a masking agent. All it did was mask the odor for a short period and the smell came back with a vengeance.

So I knew I had to find The Pet Friendly Site. After some research, I found it and ordered Pet Friendly For Odors. And again, it worked. Every time I have a problem, I spray it and the smell is gone!

I learned my lesson, and this time, I bookmarked Andre's site. I spoke with him the other day. He is as passionate about this as anybody I know, and he really wants to help people.

So if you were thinking of trying Pet Friendly For Odors, It's a no-brainer. With his guarantee you can’t lose!
Frankly, I've never seen a guarantee like his...Have you?

Try it today. You'll be glad you did. I know I was. Besides, consider what will happen if you did nothing or spent your hard earned money on something that doesn't work!

If you have had enough of trying what “works,”
do yourself a favor. Try a kit and see for yourself!

Mike Watts-Dog Lover-Lenexa Kansas


Listen To My Latest Testismonial
-Pam Muhr-North Barrington IL

As if that's not's 100 more former skeptics...

Here’s Just A Few Of Our Clients Who Tried
Pet Friendly Products, See If You Know Any

Of These Pet Lovers...

Genie Boothby 
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