How To Remove Dog Diarrhea From Your Carpet…The Safe Way!

I got this question this morning…


“I have brand new white carpet and our Greyhound had a six inch area of diarrhea on it 48 hrs ago. We removed all the fecal matter and blotted with dry paper towels. We put vinegar and cold water onto stain and blotted and only some of it came out. We used a tiny bit of ivory liquid with water and not all stain came out.

We just had rug professionally cleaned today with warm water hose hookup, but not all stain came out. Will your product get this out so I can have my nice cream rug back with no stain?”

Removing dog diarrhea from your carpet isn’t as difficult as it might seem. It is a matter of knowledge and the right products you must use
to get the results you want. The true be known…most carpet cleaning professionals don’t have a clue, this is why she had the remaining stains after the so called cleaning was done.

What she needed was a good Pet Stain Removal product that is designed exactly for her type of stain concern.

The product I use in my business and guarantee results is Pet Friendly For Stains.

The reason? It’s gets results everytime…even on previously treated stains. It works fast and can remove most stain within 24hours or less.

In her case I recommend two or more treatments because the carpet cleaner may have set the stain, which means it may need multiple treatments to remove the stain. What I like most about it is, it’s brain dead easy to use.

If you can work with a spray bottle and find the stain, simply spray it on and wait. That the only draw back of the product, you may have to wait up to 8hours on the first application to see the complete results.

But considering the alternative that’s not a bad trade off.

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