Leather Furniture Cleaning In Naperville :: Pet Urine

I got a Leather Furniture Cleaning question for a client suffering from her cat taking a whiz on the sofa.
she wanted to know if Pet Friendly For Odor would work on that? Here’s what I said…

Absolutely, Leather furniture cleaning is not any different then treating any other surface, in fact since liquids are harder to soap in on painted leather furniture, cat urine won’t penetrate as easy. This gives her the opportunity to clean it with Pet Friendly for odor.

Here’s how you use it. first you take hot soapy white towel, work the spot from the outside to the middle of the urine deposit, rinse with plain hot water. dab the extra moisture up, then apply Pet Friendly for Odor using a spray bottle. Apply to dry. Then do the smell test. Within 24 hours you should have results, some spots need to be treated multiple times depending on the severity of the deposit.

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