I get Asked all the time…Does your product work?

The answer is Yes!

But I’m bias, so I figured the best way to let you “prove it to yourself” is to let you try it free! Yes I said free! But there is a catch…I’ll explain in a minute.

Here’s why I’m doing this…

You see no one can tell you about results faster then you actual trying it for yourself. I know, my clients know that they work, but you don’t. So I’m banking on the fact that if they work for you as I promise, you’ll come back and order more when need it.

Secondly, I believe once you see how simple they are to use (especially how effective they’ll be) You’ll want to do what hundreds of my clients are doing now. They order again and again and even send me testimonials too!

I will admit…This offer almost didn’t happen. Let me explain…

Since I’ve never done anything like this before, I thought I should run it by my accountant, She thought I had lost my mind!
(that’s debatable) but she says “how are you going to cover the cost of the bottles, lables and employee time and lets not forget the shipping cost. etc.?

Hmmmm???? It’s something to be bought back down to earth and an accountant has a way of doing it. So that got me to thinking. Maybe she has a point!

So after running some numbers, looking at the potential cost…I decided to STILL go against her advise! Which is never a good thing. But I’m doing it any way with a slight modification.

So here’s what I’m going to do.

I decided to still give out the free sample. But ONLY to those willing to help me out a little, I figured since I’m willing to take a chance on you, you’d be willing to help me out with the shipping cost. of course I’ll still going to pay my employee, the bottle cost and for lables and the packaging to ship it to you, all I ask is you just pay for the shipping…and that’s it!

Shipping is not going to be a arm and a leg either…It’s a measly $7.77.each! That’s it! Less then a Big Mac.

Oh, I have two products, you get one for stains and one for odors, they address two different concerns, unlike my competitors who try to do it all with one product, you get two laser beamed focused products designed to do only one job each. That’s why they work!

So here’s the deal….

Help me with the shipping and I will send you a simple of each. By the way, I’m not going to just send them to you without any support, so before you get them I’m going to send you step by step instructions via mini email course, so you’ll be prepare once you get them. So when you click the link below, it will take you to my sign up page, where you’ll put in your primary email and name and give you a chance to ask you single Biggest question about pet urine. Then it will be send to my shopping cart to order you samples and that’s it.

With that lets get started…

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Send Me My Sample!

Andre DeLano
Pet Friendly Products

P.s. I’m not sure how long I will do this, I might get overwhelmed and have to cut the offer off, so you might want to get it now before I either come to my senses or It get expensive.

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Send Me My Sample!

P.s.s. Frankly the more I write about this, the more nervous I get…so get it now while it’s still available for free!

Step 1 of 3
Send Me My Sample!

If you have any other questions or concern you can 630-922-2552