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How to get rid of dog urine on a cement floor is simple. First, you must find all the actual deposits.

You can do that with a blacklight. Secondly, your need to mark the areas you find with tape or white chalk.

Here's why.

You'll look for the dog urine on the cement with that black light then mark it with the chalk or tape. You want to wait until it's dark,
so night works best. Now that you found the dog urine deposits, you'll need two more products.

You'll need a good Pet Odor Removal product. I recommend one that has the following benefits. It's exclusively designed to remove urine odor, it doesn't try to spread itself thin but trying to do to much. It offers the most powerful concentration of urine odor killers. It also offers you your money back if it doesn't work...

Plus a little extra for wasting your time. The only product I know on the market that does all that is Pet Friendly For Odor. You can find that
Pet Odor Remover at www.petstainremoval.com.

Once you treated the area with Pet Friendly for Odor, you'll want to seal the cement with shellac. This will assure you don't have any residual odor after it's dry.

If You Need: Pet Stain Removal or Pet Odor Removal if either plague you, visit my Cat Urine Odor site today!