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  Super Revealer (Maglight) & Carpet Injector #16189

Super Revealer (Maglight) & Carpet Injector 


Did you know that the #1 reason for Pet Odor removal failure is NOT KNOWING WHERE THE URINE DEPOSITS ARE?

But the secondly most important things you should know is MOST PEOPLE HAVE THE WRONG TOOLS and in many cases...none at all.

By owning the Super Blacklight, you'll have more power to find the urine deposits fast!
Let me share with you the facts that professional use every day.

To Treat The Odor, you must find it. Once you find it, you may need to inject Pet Friendly For Odors directly to the source. Then you may need to inject Pet Friendly For Odors directly to the source using The Carpet Injector. Because you don't want to only treat The Top Surface. In those cases, you must get beneath the surface to get to the worst part of the odor.

So whether the urine is in your carpet or furniture, this combo pack is exactly what you'll need for complete success! Without it, you're risking not getting the results you deserve.

Add this kit to your arsenal today!


Weight2.00 lbs
Price: $29.97



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Black light ~Carpet InJector Kit

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