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From: Andre Delano
Delveloper Of
Pet Friendly Products

Here's My Personal Gurantee To You!
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Pet Friendly For Odors Guarantee

t's true, if you try Pet Friendly For Odors and after 72 hours, if it doesn't remove the odor like I say, I will refund all your money, you get to keep the free sampler, just because you took a chance on me! You ask...

How can I do this? Because I know it works Every time!

However, from time to time, someone who has had trouble with the product will call me, and it ultimately boils down to (1) either they didn't find all of the spots, which results in the spots continuing to produce odors, or

(2) they did not treat the spots thoroughly and/or deeply enough or used an insufficient amount of the product.

Providing continuous great service to my customers BEFORE and AFTER they purchase my products is the cornerstone of my business.

So, if you have a problem, please give me a call. Meanwhile, I have added these conditions to my GUARANTEE:

1. You must use an ultra-violet light in a darkened room, to find all the spots. Check walls and furnishings too, because a male pet will spray on them. I can provide the light for you.

2. You must use a syringe to apply the product deep into the carpet padding. I can also provide a syringe for you. Without a syringe, you will waste product by pouring it on and oversoaking, plus you will not get deep enough.

3. If you treat a spot and after 72 hours, it did not get all the odor out, it is simply because you did not apply enough product. Apply it again, this time more liberally. All the odor will come out every time, if you apply enough product, deeply enough, to every spot.

If you have done this, you qualify for my GUARANTEE. So, just return to me the unused portion for a full refund, and I will pay you $25.00.

This GUARANTEE is only good for first timers to use on their most recent order.

In other words, if you have purchased my product for years and it fails once, I will honor the GUARANTEE for that shipment only.

Afterward, if you continue to use it, and in the unlikely event, you are displeased with the results, there will be no further GUARANTEE.

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