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    "How To Remove Pet Urine In As Little As 72 Hours Starting From Scratch"

    And By Following These 3 Simple Steps, You'll See Guaranteed Results.

    From: Andre Delano
    Pet Friendly Products

    Hi, I am Andre DeLano. I have specialized in cleaning up pet odor contamination for 17 years.

    It might smell, but it pays well... In my area, the average residential odor restoration costs $1,753.67
    ...but you won't have to pay that if you're smart

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    Here's My Promise To You...

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    "You Risk Absolutely Nothing!"

    x Andre DeLano
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    Let Me Ask You...

    Does Your Pet Odor Embarrasse You? Don't Let It!

    Because, I'm going to show you the quickest, easiest and safest way to remove your odor concerns for good!

    his may come as no suprise, but many Pet Urine sufferers simply don't know how to remove pet urine because there isn't any manual that give you a step by step approach...

    Until Now.

    Let me set the record streight. As professional carpet cleaner, I've seen hunderds of clients with Pet urine concerns, many just needed the right tools and the knowledge to keep things under control.

    Here Are The Simple, Yet Effective Pet Odor
    Removal Steps You'll Need.

    First It's not hard, you need some tools, alittle patience and you'll see results.

    You'll Need A Black Light.
    Without this tool you are dead in the water, this is the first place people go wrong. They think that you can just find where fee fee went by visually seeing it.

    That might be true for some of the pet urine spots the the one the really kill you are the ones not seen so therefore the odor remains.

    Here's what you'll look for...

    Click To Listen

    Black Light

    Now that you see what you're looking now to...

    You'll Need A Powerful Pet Urine Remover.
    There are many on the market, the problem is most (if not all) are multuse products. They try to remove stains, odor and God know what else.

    Your own right instinks will tell you if you buy one of the so called multiuse products, the one for say...$10 or so, you'll end up getting a "JACK OF ALL TRADES" and the likihood of it getting results in ALL the things it claims is very small.

    So in my local business I think I found the best Pet urine remover I've every seem, It call Pet Friendly For Odor. We use it everyday and guarantee results with it. I believe in it so much that, we will even give our clients an extra $50 if it doesn't work.
    You can see it below.

    The Odor Advantage Pak
    (With a Free 2oz Sample)

    You might be wondering...

    What Makes Pet Friendly For Odor Different?...

    First, It's Safe For you and your Pets and ChildernNon-Toxic and Biodegradable.

    Second, It removes Uric Salts, the cause of the smell and prevents your pet from returning to the spot.

    Third, A pleasure fragrance during the brake down and destruction of the urine salts. This will eliminate the overpowering odors you get when welling a urine soaked areas.

    Best of all you'll start with a pleasure sent during and after the product eliminated the odor.
    (Most say, it reminds them of baby powder or freshly baked cookies.)

    Fourthly, You get a clear 30 day Money Back better then money back Guarantee on all my products.

    Fifth, I used this product for over 10 years in my business. And has been used by thousands of other carpet cleaning professionals, that offer guaranteed Odor removal in their businesses.
    So what you'll get is the same test and proven power we use to get results.

    Sixth, It's Brain Dead Simple To Use. Even my 10 years can use it and so can you. Take a look at how easy they are to use.

    No other product on and off the internet offers you more!

    If you think that can help you. Order it here.

    You want to look for the pet urine deposit at night. Why because you'll see the urine light up, remember to mark them out using white chalk, or painters tape. (the blue tape you get a the hardware store).

    Don't be shocked, You'll be amazed at all the deposits, but that doesn't mean much, what will make all the differance is any concentrated areas that been hit multiple times. Those are the areas you'll want to treat with Pet Friendly For Odor first.

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    Now the choose is simple...
    Take Control Now

    Here's More On How To Clean Pet Odor

    Pour it on those areas. If a spot is bigger then a garage lid, you may need to pull out the padding, treat and seal the subfloor and put new pad down.

    Secondly you will need to treat the backing of the carpet with Pet friendly For odor and then lay it bacck down and finally add Pet Friendly for odor to the top surface and let sit.

    That will do it. I some cases you'll need to treat it multiple times. The larger the deposit the more Pet Friendly For Odor you'll need.

    By the way...if you have a deposit...let say it's the size of a golf ball, you can just treat that with one heavy spray.

    But if the areas is a sourcer size or larger remember to treat about 50% out side the boarders, because gravity tends to spread it out and the pad does a good job at obsorbing it too.

    That should help you get the results on, "How To Clean Pet Odor".

    Simple, but as mentioned before you'll need time, product and the tools, plus a little or maybe alot of patience, but remember you know what what works and as you quickly order you'll get the results want...and why shouldn't you?

    By the way if you plan on trying the multiuse products, you'll just drive the deposits deeper into the padding and that makes it twice as hard to get out.

    I recommend you not take that approach and try what works first. Here how to get it them.

    Ready To Get Your House Back ? Take Control Now

    Here what others former skeptics had to say...

    "I Tried Them Because They Work!
    Plus, They Guaranteed Them!"

      I have cats, and if you own cats you know that they can be a challenge. I've just about everything they sell at the store. After spending hundreds of dollars over the years, I found SpeedyVac they said they could get out stains and was willing to guarantee it. Since know one else offer A GUARANTEE I gave them a try.

      After the cleaning the stain were gone and they offered me their Pet Freindly line, I got The Trio pak. The kit covered stain removal, Odor removal and a pet waste clean up product. I recommend Pet Friendly Products because they work. If you are a dog or cat owner like me try them and you'll see.

      Although i will admit they are not the cheapest products around,but because they work, they
      are worth every penny. Just think about all the money I could have saved if I knew about them sooner.

      Karen Watson-Il "Cat Lover of 4"

    “We Tried The Trio kit Because It
    Is A Complete System”

        Our dog would not let up and unfortunately we needed to do something now that we were ready to sell our home. We had a few stubborn  Pet stains that didn’t want to go away.

        Since Andre’ is local, we hired them to see if they could get out the stains.

        We had several areas that needed special attention. Within a few hours we could see the stains disappear and most of them were gone after 3 hours.

        We are thrilled that they are gone. Now that we have the Trio Pak we will get the stains out as quickly as he did. 

        We really like how easy it is to use.

        We are confident that we will get our asking price for our home. No embarrassing stains or odor.

        I recommended them to my sister she’s used them and so should you!

        Tom Gudgen Naperville, IL  Dog lover-Has A Chocolate Lab

    Get Your House Back Order Now

    “We Got The Double Pak Solutions Because It Had Both
    Pet Odor Removal & Pet Stain Removal.” 

      I Was very pleased with the results of Pet Friendly for Stain Removal and Odor. We have a new kitten that left several stains on my daughter's bedroom carpet and your product worked exceptionally on it.

      I also had some old stains from other pets that Pet Friendly worked well on.
      P. Blackshear-Arlington TX

    Here's what you should do now!
    Try It For Yourself And See If It's Everything I say it is!

    Yes Andre', I want to remove my Pet urine problem For Good! I want to free sample with my order today. I'm sick of trying stuff that doesn't work. Go ahead and send it to me now!

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